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ColorSuite 7i: the main functions.

RIP Software

Within some versions of ColorSuite 7i, there is the new RIP for the management of a wide range of commercial and industrial printers.

It is the new version of Multi Platform Rip (Win-MacOS), based on Client-Server architecture, designed to meet the needs of the different digital printing areas.

ColorSuite 7i provides a complete workflow management through various printingtools such as: printer driver making including special colors, linearization, ICC color making, integrated color management system, multi page printing, paneling, nesting, graphic files color adjustment, Hot -Folder, just to name a few.

During a printer drivers creation, you can define in addition to the print color set and resolution, the output file mode, for files processing: Continuous Tone, Binary, Gray scale.

ColorSuite 7i uses a proprietary screening algorithms.

It is compatible with the most common spectrophotometer and with the most common graphics file formats.


Color Proof

ColorSuite 7i lets you to produce color paper proofs, using a traditional inkjet printer.

Is therefore possible to simulate on paper what will be the end result of the printing system and flow, used in production.

It can be used with a wide range of printing areas, and it allows you a great reduction of start-up times.

In some particular production areas such as the ceramic, you can see the final result on paper first without having to wait for tile printing and cooking time.

Chromatic fidelity is extremely high, so in a matter of minutes it is possible to evaluate what will be the finished product without performing intermediate tests.

Thanks to ColorSuite 7i all the graphics and designers, through the paper proofing system, can make and evaluate any variation on the project and see it printed in a very short time.

Using ColorSuite 7i for color proofing is extremely easy and intuitive.

One of the main innovations is the ability to obtain color proofs, even for  multichannel graphic files.

ColorSuite 7i comes with a wide range of drivers created for major brands and models of commercial printers.

A certification module is also available for a contractual proof.


Creation of RGB-CMYK  ICC color profiles

ColorSuite 7i has a proprietary Color Engine for creating RGB and CMYK ICC color profiles.

The different algorithms inside the Color Engine, allow the creation of high-quality color profiles, even in those areas where the printing color space is extremely limited, such as the ceramic.

Thanks to an automated procedure, creating ICC color profiles is extremely simple and intuitive, even for users with a limited experience level.

However, an "Advanced" mode is available for experienced users or where there are specific requirements for creating an ICC color profile.

The ICC color profiles generated are fully compatible with the most common graphical applications (eg Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Suite), and RIP based on the ICC standard.

This allows you to have all of the conversion functions, display preview (soft proofing) and printing proof (hard proofing).

Innovative are also proprietary color charts with a small number of patches (100 patches), able to guarantee extremely high color profile quality even in the presence of low or problematic color spaces.


Creation of RGB-CMYK  ICC color profiles (Multichannel)

ColorSuite 7i has a proprietary Color Engine for creating 3-8 color N-Color ICC color profiles.

Managing multicolor printing systems is the result of huge development work and is one of the main strengths of ColorSuite 7i.

As with RGB-CMYK profiles, the Color Engine for N-Color profiles also provides a variety of algorithms to help create high quality color profiles, even in those areas of print where color space is extremely limited, such as ceramic color spaces.

The creation of N-Color ICC color profiles (multichannel) is extremely important in all printing areas, where multicolor printing systems are used, with no restrictions on saturation, density, and even color configuration that includes or does not include standard color CMYK colors.

These printing areas can be packaging, flexo, wood, ceramics, leather, textile, just to name a few examples.

As with all Colorstore software solutions, versatility and quality are the strengths of this software.

These features are a key element for graphic and technical operators, engaged on a daily basis with 4-color printing systems.

There are several possibilities or methodologies to handle multicolor graphic files, depending on your specific needs.

Through a Multicolor method based on RGB, CMYK or N-Color, you will be able to choose the method that best suits your needs.

For example, it is possible to create customization linearizations and patterns based on the colors used and the specific color reproduction requirements.

Any type of printer can be linearized, regardless of brand and model.

Created ICC color profiles are fully compatible with the most common graphical applications (eg Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Suite) and printing RIPs, for conversion functions, display printing preview (soft-proofing), or for a possible paper color proof (hard-proofing).

In a workflow based on N-Color profile, the color adjustment of multichannel file can be performed through the Multichannel Editor utility, which can guarantee an accurate soft-proof  preview of the process colors and substrate used.


Creation of ICC color profiles for transparent materials

Fast Backlight is the exclusive ColorSuite 7i tool for a fast and easy creation of high quality ICC color profiles for transparent materials that include back lighting such as film, glass, etc.

You just have to have an X-Rite i1PRO 2 reading tool, a light surface such as a light viewer, tablet, monitor or just a smart phone, to create an RGB or CMYK color ICC profile that is compatible with the major graphics applications and printing RIPs.

With this ColorSuite 7i feature, you can also create ICC color profiles for multicolor printing systems up to 10 colors, using an RGB- CMYK based method.


Printer Clone

The Printer Clone feature in the ColorSuite 7i is an extremely useful tool for digital ceramic printing.

With this exclusive feature, you can align or simulate two or more printers with the same inks configuration, prototyping and reproduction of existing products.

All this can be done without having to go through the ICC color profiles and related graphic file conversions: simply by reading two linearization charts and processing within the ColorSuite 7i Rip, directly the graphic file used for the previous production.

The use of the Printer Clone function is independent of the number of colors in the printing device.


Multichannel Editor

Multichannel Editor is the ColorSuite 7i tool for an accurate multichannel graphics file simulation on monitor, with relative correction through the Curve tool of each single color channel.

In addition to the color monitor simulation, you can also simulate the substrate color.


W.P.O. White Point Optimizer

With ColorSuite7i you can convert graphic files directly through the W.P.O. function, rather than in standard graphics or rip applications.

In fact, with some special conversion parameters, W.P.O. function guarantees a level of contrast and detail, which can not be obtained  through a normal conversion made by a normal graphical application.

This feature is only available for RGB-CMYK color profiles.


Color Table

The ColorTable tool provides a wide range of features for creating custom color charts, color libraries, color atlas, and refinement of a color profile to specific color ranges.

You can also change the white point of a color profile by printing some patches that simulate the color of the print media.



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ColorSuite 7i: the main functions.

ColorSuite 7i: the main functions.

ColorSuite 7i: the main functions.

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ColorSuite 7i: the main functions.