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Innovation and competence at your disposal

Colorstore Software is a company that operates in the supply of software solutions and technical consultancy in the field of color management, in the graphic arts industry in general, and in particular in the printing on ceramic materials.

In fact, in this specific sector, the Colorstore brand has been present since 2004, introducing in 2009 the first color management solution based on ICC standards, and developed specifically for digital ceramic tile decoration systems.

From year to year we have introduced numerous innovative tools and functions that make Colorstore software solutions a point of reference in the field of color management solutions.

Our products and technologies have been selected by leading brands of proven quality and reliability, with numerous installations and collaborations around the world.

The evolution of the products and services offered by Colorstore Software has been, and continues to be constant, with one goal: to develop advanced and highly performing software solutions, but at the same time easy to use.

The software solutions and consultancy services offered by Colorstore Software are aimed at all those companies operating in the field of printing in general, with particular attention to those contexts where multicolor printing systems are present.

Our goal is to support companies, providing them with the tools and technical knowledge necessary to increase their quality, their productivity, thus reducing production costs.

Companies that decide to choose Colorstore Software’s products and services can count on cutting-edge software solutions, constantly evolving and on a competence gained over many years of activity.

Our experience in the sector makes us a reliable and innovative commercial partner able to support customers in choosing the correct technology.

(Colorstore Software is the official teacher of the color management and colorimetry courses)

Main services

Colorstore Software has always been committed to supporting the companies they face the need to improve the quality of their products, increase productivity by reducing costs, or in simplifying and optimizing their production flows.

Through the use of dedicated software solutions, or through consultancy and highly qualified training specialist, we provide all the experience to achieve the objectives of the company.

These are just some of our services:

  • Software solutions for color management and print flow management.
  • Integration of color management flows into the entire production process.
  • Time optimization for the development and production of new graphic projects.
  • Time optimization for the reproduction of graphic projects already produced.
  • Production costs optimization for new projects or for existing projects.
  • Staff training in the correct use of color management solutions.
  • Support in research of colors configuration and  ink/support combinations.
  • Training courses on colorimetry, color management and on how to use color management systems.

Production sectors

These are just some of the main sectors where our products, and our technical consultancy services are located

Ceramic sector

  • Tiles manufacturers (stoneware, double firing, third fires, special pieces)
  • Tableware manufacturers and decorated porcelain.
  • Silk screen printing.
  • Ceramic ink manufacturers.
  • Inkjet and laser printer manufacturesr for digital decoration on ceramic.
  • Graphic studios and style centers.

Other sectors

  • Direct printing on glass, wood, ceramic, plastic, metals etc …
  • Direct printing on fabrics, rugs, carpets etc.
  • Digital printing in general.
  • Traditional silk screen printing.
  • Packaging.
  • Pre-press & Press.
  • Labels printing.
  • Color proof.
  • Printer manufacturers.
  • Ink manufacturers.
  • Graphic studios.
  • Associations and educational institutions.

OEM Software solutions

In addition to retail software solutions, Colorstore Software provides OEM solutions, for example for printer manufacturers, with multiple possibilities for customization in terms of functions and graphic interfaces.

We also evaluate the possibility of creating any type of software aimed at colorimetry, color management or print flow management.

Various modules are available, which can be integrated into any flow or application, such as the RIP Engine for the Raster processing of graphic files, or the Color Engine for the creation of  ICC profiles (RGB, CMYK, Device Link and Multichannel).

The modules available are all with proprietary technologies.

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